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Blue Horizon Plate

Blue Horizon Plate

SKU: SmBiteP

Handbuilt with thoughtfully debossed corner designs in red brown clay, our Blue Horizon Plate is designed for sandwiches and light meals.  Consider pairing it with our matching soup bowl.


The Blue Horizon Plate is uniquely glazed by pouring over powder blue, shiny white and temmoku gold to create a natural flow, and likening the peacefullness of the horizon on a perfect day.

  • Product Dimensions

    Small Bites Plate - 4 3/4" wide, 9 3/4" long,  5/8" tall, and weighing 14 oz

  • Product Care

    • Dishwasher safe (hand washing recommended)
    • Hot and cold temperature safe (to avoid cracking slowly transition from one temperature to the next)
    • Food safe glazes