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Tree Hug-a-Mug

Tree Hug-a-Mug



While the Tree Hug-a-Mug is wheel thrown in buff clay, the sweet "tree rings" are purposefully created by the potter's fingers.  The Tree-Hug-a-Mug is sized for the perfect cup of tea, shaped to feel natural in your hand, and designed to enfold you in the tranquility of woodlands.


The Tree Hug-a-Mug is glazed in celadon and spearmint, giving it a beautiful sense of spruce trees.

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  • Product Dimensions

    Tree Hug-a-Mug is 4" high, and 3.5" wide at the rim; volume is 10 ounces.

  • Product Care

    • Dishwasher safe (hand washing recommended)
    • Hot and cold temperature safe (to avoid cracking slowly transition from one temperature to the next)
    • Food safe glazes
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