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Geode Bowl in Cobalt Blue

Geode Bowl in Cobalt Blue

SKU: CobaltGeo

The Geode Bowl is whimsically created to mimic the appearance of finding a gemstone within a natural rock.  The uses for the Geode Bowl range from culinary to decorative.   Some of our customers have told us they use the Geode Bowl for olives, dipping sauce, spices, and others love it for rings and special jewelry.


The Geode Bowl thrown on the wheel and crafted from speckled beige clay.  Gem mimicing glaze is applied to the interior of the bowl, leaving the exterior as raw clay to provide the texture and feel of natural stone.

  • Product Dimensions

    Geode Bowl - 4" diameter, 1 3/4" tall,  and weighing 7.2 oz

  • Product Care

    • Dishwasher safe (hand washing recommended)
    • Hot and cold temperature safe (to avoid cracking slowly transition from one temperature to the next)
    • Food safe glazes
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