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Handy Dandy Bowl

Handy Dandy Bowl

SKU: HanDanB


The Handy Dandy Bowl is wheel thrown in red-brown clay and carved with perfectly placed outer rings for better grasp.  The Handy Dandy Bowl is designed to be a workhorse in the kitchen, and its substantial size and durability allows it to be multi-purpose. 


The Handy Dandy Bowl is dipped in spearmint and clear powder blue glaze, and then a drizzle of raw sienna is applied to punctuate its unfussy appeal.

  • Product Dimensions

    3" high, 8.5 diameter, volume 48 ounces

  • Product Care

    • Dishwasher safe (hand washing recommended)
    • Hot and cold temperature safe (to avoid cracking slowly transition from one temperature to the next)
    • Food safe glazes
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