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Maki-My-Day Sushi Set

Maki-My-Day Sushi Set

SKU: MakiMDSushi


The Maki-My-Day Sushi Set is hand-built with speckled-tan clay, and debossed with Chinese characters.  Inspired by Far Eastern design, the Maki-My-Day Sushi Set includes a serving plate, small dipping bowl, and 2 chopstick rests.  Glazed in varigated blue, which accents the contours, this set has a pleasing organic aesthetic. 

  • Product Dimensions

    Maki My Day Sushi plate is 8.5" long, 6.7" wide, and stands 1" tall.

    Maki My Day Dipping dish is 3.2" in diameter, stands 1" tall, and has a volume of 2 ounces.

    Maki My Day chopstick rests are 3.2" long, 0.8" inches wide, and stand 0.5" tall.


  • Product Care

    • Dishwasher safe (hand washing recommended)
    • Hot and cold temperature safe (to avoid cracking slowly transition from one temperature to the next)
    • Food safe glazes
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